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You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Girl Thing

You can run but you can hide
I will be right by your side
'Cuz I've been thinking 'bout you, thinking 'bout you
And the way you make me feel
You can run but you can't hide
Baby you just can't deny
That you've been thinking 'bout me, thinking 'bout me
It's nothing to conceal

You and I got so much in common
I think you know, baby what I mean
You're acting like you don't want me
But that's not the way that it seems to be
'Cuz I can tell that your watching
I feel the heat when we're touching
I won't let go
I wanna know, is it love

Maybe it's because you're trying to be cool
Maybe you're afraid of breaking the rules
Hey -ey-ey-ey
Don't take me for a fool


I see the looks that you give me
I know just what they mean to me
The games you play drives me crazy
Don't fool around with this lady
Boy I won't chase you forever
It's gotta be now or never
So lets it show
I wanna know, it is love?

Bridge & Chorus

Hey boy, knocking at my backdoor
Playing me hot and cold, but you will never let go
Baby, 'cuz I got what it takes, got what you need
Playing the hide and seek, but I'm here for keeps
Boy I'm gonna getcha
You can be sure I'm gonna letcha
What the world brings, 'cuz it's a girlthing
Is it on, is it not?
Is it cold, is it hot?
Baby you can run, but you just can't hide

Bridge & Chorus Fade

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