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The Painful Longing is Worse than the Break-up


Now I feel like I can see everything
How much I loved you
Because you were so close
I didn't see how special it was

What am I to do? I'm too late
You've already gone, now I'm shattered
I thought you were coming, but you'd already left
I'll go crazy if you don't come here
Because I miss you so much
If you go and leave me like this, what should I do?
I'm a fool! Why do I make my decision through your heart?
It is because I love you, I want you
I am with you, that's it

Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of yearning
Ah~ Now these feelings of losing you
It seems like you'll come back, I wandered around looking for you
Everything should've been where you were
We should've met, there's something I had to say
I left you and ruined everything

It was really special, such a dear and noble love
Now it seems like there's no turning back, no meeting again
Because it was so hard up till the end
It seemed like we couldn't go and throw it away
We didn't know a thing!
We had to break-up, we absolutely shouldn't have had to
In the end I found you with difficulty, but now you're not here
We should be together for even just one minute longer
Really we should be together for one more minute

Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of longing
Ah~ Now these feelings of losing you
Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of longing
Ah~ Now these feelings, this sadness of losing you

Love that is true, love that comes just once in a lifetime
That love won't be able to satisfy through another love
And that is what you did for me
Things that no one else could do for me
Instead of you in that chair there is a great emptiness

You can make me happy
You are by far more than me
If you're to meet a good person
I'd think more about you than anything else
What in the world is it that I want?
What is is that makes me happy?
Why do I avoid it, it is obviously you!

* Repeat

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