[Chorus: Godessa]
So many social ills, society breeds
It's like sobriety kills the reality that feeds
Off the air that we breathe there is no need to decieve
Through the eye of the beholder, I can see

[Verse: Shame]
Is it your Nike sneakers or Filas that breaches
The code of conduct that features in stores
Collecting salaries like whores on low calories
Both trying to marry me with fashionable jeans
So expensive can't tear the seam apart
From the need to laugh at a gifted form of art
Switch the norm from light to dark
Don't you know that Adam and Eve draped leaves right from the start
It's hard to understand why you don't wear what you like
You wear what you think that they think is tight
And I don't think it's right
To find replicas of Jennifer's all over the world
Every boy and girl as fake as extentions or curls
Those keeping it real and those chilling of coz
Keep flossing that s*** to spinning these words
Coz popular culture's a b***h is what I heard

[Verse: EJ]
Right if I'm different never judge me by your book
See what I wear and how I look, might leave the in crowd shook
Like the fingerprints of a crook (crook)
You can immediatley make that distinction by just one look
It's like society conditions you to be a clone
And when your seeds grow up they lack a mind of their own
And the media perpetuates the situation
With advertising rituals as the exclamation

[Repeat Chorus 2x: Godessa]

[Interlude: Godessa]
Eye of the beholder.......so many social ills (social ills)

[Verse: Burni]
It's the possible critcal multi cutural particles
Phsyological visuals the typical individual
Don't wanna bordem with oricals, wanna stick up their nostrils
Guillible one syllable mediocre individuals
If you don't fit the conventional essential
Editorial like cartoon pictorials
Individual development ain't affortable so this is in memorial
Of people with hair in all the wrong follicles
Probable cause as society flaws caught in the claws
Can't be original of course
I got a divorce from Levi's jaws and musical whores
Media is the source when it comes to mental source
And public applause
Knowledge of self is personal wealth we need to question ourselves
And kick pink panther mickey mouse snouts with big mouths
Below their motherf***ing belts (that's what I'm saying!)

[Verse: EJ]
Deviation from the norm
Is similar navigation in the storm
This mainstream slave ship is sailing and before long
You will mourn when your individuality is gone
So caught up in material bulls***
That the thought of being real seems putred
Whatever else you hear seems to be muted or strange
Coz imitations the epitome' of fear for change

[Repeat Chorus 2x: Godessa]

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Composição: B. Amansure / E. Jones / S. Williams. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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