Led by the magic of Wotan
Floating across the sky
On the winged white horses
Maidens of the blue sky
In the dawn of the red morning
Falling down the sky
In the long close order lines
Ripping the shadows to shreds
Fountains of blood
Spurting to the skies
The light refracts
Into bloody rainbow
Spears of heaven
Razor- sharp
Cutting the darkness
Ripping the shadows to shreds
Shining chariots of heaven
Riding on the skies
Cries of the Valkyries permeate the expanse
The blades cut the enemies' hearts
Fiery gust tousles long hair
Thunder in their hearts
The bravest of the bravest
Walking down the rainbow of the glory
Crushed darkness sobs mournfully
A dream of the glory is over
The abyss opens it's arms
Cries of the Valkyries
Warriors fight to the death
Light refracts in the fountains of blood
Creating bloody rainbow
Spears of heaven in a battle order
Flaming light
On the winds of the magical wind
On the red sunny way
Red flame on the sky
Fiery tongues in the vast
The days of the glory
The sun on the throne
Raise your eyes, look at the sky
On the red clouds
Valkyries proudly scud
On the wings of the magical wind.

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