Witches Holocaust, crack of the burning wood
Red fire taking one's own life and smell of burning flesh
Eyes burning with the red fire, Black long hair teared by wind
Wolfish soul in woman's body, with that burnt her heart
You are evil woman, you who sacrificed yourself for the black incantations
The moon gave the sign on your body, tonight your scream will awake the gods
Tomorrow you shall stand before them
Red scarlet shadows dance around their sacrifice
Their fiery tongues lick her body
Scream has left in tormented Body
Wind blows away ashes and Black smoke
Christian tormentors want sacrifice for their god
They gave you back to tongues of fire
In the name of their possessed god
In the name of their abortive madness
Married to the Fire's Dragon
You shall go where your sisters has gone
By the torment that becomes the deliverance
By the fire that was your destiny
Scream of the burning witches with the upcoming moon
It will return with nocturnal wind
Scream that was born in fire
And torment of witches holocaust...
The false christian society by it's church and its faith
In the times of its highest triumph, madness and union with god
Brought near to its so called almighty by the killing of many
Thousands of innocent sacrifices, by murders on heretics and witches...
Medieval Europe....

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