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Nocturnal Hymns II (The Death Anthem)


We suffer their lives
The chains of despair
Eternally we'll crush and bleed
Running through woods they're so black

Prophets of lies
Be free from their pain
They fear the night of the unholy shield
Before we die by war

So the death finally comes to us
The foreign might could be crushed
We face the death with pride
Only proud men stand till the end
And all the night seems to fade
A dark night the ravens fly
With raw and brutal force
Unholy legions break the temple doors

Out of the night into the dark
Where demons dance by my side
And godless creatures fight for their lives

The might is strong the fear of the sword
The legions are ready to fight

No mercy for life
No fear of the line
Only a crowd of the brave

The ground at their feet
Soaked with blood
Our enemies bodies around

I hear the thunder ashore
Awaiting the battle
No fear of the death

They shall be crushed erase them from earth
Shattered will the demons unfold
My face is the last thing you will see
Pray for the beast a desperate cry
Their heart pound like never before
The world shall be your grave

The sign for a demon to attack
As the legion marches on
Ravenous crows drenched in seed
All that's left are the echoes of their cries

Behold the wrath of the fallen
The darkest pits in the abyss
The gates of hell open wide
Hear the anthem that speaks of our death

Hear the anthem of our death

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