I wasn't looking for a lover, i wasn't looking for a friend
I wasn't working undercover, wasn't trying to pretend
But when you walked across the dance floor, just like the moon across the sky
I knew that i would have to see more, knew that i would have to try
One look into your eyes
And i realize

Oh no i can't stop falling
My heart betrays me
And i know i'll start to feel it all again
Won't someone save me

She jumped aboard the brown line, i accidentally caught her eye
She told me she was born a libra, i told her i was gemini
She made suggestive conversation, then she lightly brushed my hand
Overcome by her temptations, we jumped off down by the strand
And in the english night
I realize it again


She asks me to come inside, we can just talk for a while
I wonder if i should, but her touch, her touch, it feels so good.

But i look into your eyes, and i realize it again.


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Composição: Alan Doyle / Sean McCann. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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