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Old Brown's Daughter

Great Big Sea

There is an ancient party at the other end of town
And he keeps a little grocery store, the ancients name is brown
And he has a lovely daughter, such a treat i never saw
Oh i only hope someday to be the old man's son-in-law.

Well, old brown he sells from off his shelf most anything you please
He's got juice tarts for the little boys, lollipops and cheese
And his daughter minds the store, and it's a treat just to see her serve
I'd like to run away with her but i don't have the nerve


And it's old brown's daughter is a proper sort of girl,
Old brown's daughter is a fair as any pearl
I wish i were a lord mayor, a marquis or and earl
And blow me if i wouldn't marry old brown's girl.
Blow me if i wouldn't marry old brown's girl.

Wel,l poor old brown now has trouble with the gout,
He grumbles in his little parlour when he can't get out
Oh and when i make a purchase, lord, and she hands me the change
That girl she makes pulverized, i feel so very strangechorus

But miss brown she smiles so sweetly when i say a tender word
Ah but old brown says that she must wed a marquis or a lord,
And i don't suppose it's ever one of those things i will be
But by jingo next election i will run for trinity


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Composição: Jörgen Elofsson. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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