Anarchy in Bedrock...twitch, twitch,
Right now, hahahahahaha,
I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist,
Know what I want, but know how to get it,
Wanna destroy Mr. Slade 'cause I wanna be Fred Flintstone.
Anarchy in Bedrock,
Stop in sometime and meet Betty and Willma,
Try some Flint-Upside-Down-Rubble-Bubble cake,
Or just try Fruity Pebbles 'cause I wanna be Fred Flintstone.
In Bedrock it's the only way to be!
Many ways to get what you want, I use ministry,
I use Barney Rubble (''Uh, gee, Fred''), I use anarchy,
'Cause I wanna be Fred Flintstone.
Yabba Dabba Doo (Dino bark)
Is this the U.S.D.A.? Is this Hollywood? Is this Bedrock? Ithought it was Hollyrock!
'Cause I wanna be Fred Flintstone. And I wanna be FredFlintstone...

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