Don't you worry darling
I'll try to keep you warm tonight
Please don't keep telling me you're starving
I'll do all I can to put it right
I'm gonna make some kind of living
I'll take the night shift if I must
But I won't stop till I find something
Make you a promise you can trust

I know that we've been losing lately
But I've one last thing that could be sold
I could pawn the watch my father gave me
To buy us shelter from the cold
Our light will shine soon
Don't you give up baby
Come on let those people see your face
You're not the one who should be worried
We're not the one's who are disgraced

I'm gonna' stick it to the man, I'll do anything I can
To keep those fuckers off our money
They won't ever understand what I want for you
What I want for us
So we're gonna' live the american dream
Be millionaires by the sea
Not a worry in the world one day we'll have our little girl
We'll call her lucy
Our light will shine soon

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