They are always doing
what's best for Us
working for their own benefits
forgetting the attitude
why shall we need them?
Only waste of money, of time!

All they are using is their authority
to get to the deepest parts of our souls
awaking animals in ourselves
and then we are the criminals
not fitting in the society!

Fuck the police! Fuck them!
Fuck the police! Fuck them!
Fuck those criminals in blue disguise

And then there are politicians
sitting on their wallets
only waiting to get fat
controlling police
for people to keep their mouths shut

Is this the freedom of speach?
This is the freedom of speach!
This is what we got to tell:
Fuck the police and fuck politics!

All they can do is sit on their asses
not giving a fuck about peoples needs
when you need them
they are never there
but when they need some extra money
we are always good
and if we are not good
they'll force us to be
Fuck them!

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