You may be thinking that our planet is dying
or perhaps you're off the option that's about time too
but love or hate this strange event
you can't deny you don't even care

Look at us!
There's something wrong with our super human minds
We think we're smart but we're not
Look what we've got. What we've got.

Hate, all we've got is hate
Hate, and we have to hate

Saint?! And we think we're saint?Saint!? And we still think we're saint?

And you think that it is going to be better?
yeah right. Where are you living? Wake up!
Don't be stupid. look at us.
Just look at us!

Look at us!
We don't give a fuck for human lives
We beat, we kill and we destroy
Just look at us, Look what we've got

Hate, all we've got is hate
Hate. And we have to hate

Saint!? And we think we're saint?
Saint!? And we still think we're saint?

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