I dream of occasional fanzine mentions
I've been to one too many David Lynch Conventions
I play Postal Chess with a man who doesn't know me
And I've got a better frown than Tony Iommi

I've got a 4AD3DCD,
a 4AD3DCD,
a 4AD3DCD,
And I'm on a foundation course

Formed a band had loads of good songs like
"Love Froth Tuesday", "Pancake Candy Shoes"
Got a new Guitarist, but he's got a sad barnet
"Kiss Cream Carnival", "Lime Sky Spooky Pills"

It's me 4AD3DCD,
me 4AD3DCD,
me 4AD3DCD,
And I'm on a foundation course

Playing eerie madrigals
On the Campus Egg Slicer
I'm a Pop Sensation
I'm an all-round icon

Thank God Carnival
Laugh Crash Sunday School
Kiss Cream Carnival
Lime Sky Spooky Pills
The Flotsam
The Jetsom
The Cherubim and Seraphim

On me Foundation Course
Of course
You're the Man, Ray

It's me 4AD3DCD,
me 4AD3DCD
David Dundass, got no rock cakes?
It don't worry me none, bro

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