Lord, I'm trying the best i can
I lost everybody in Khazakhstan
But I still don't understand
Bob Wilson, anchorman

I've been to Kent, Gwent, Senegal
I've even been to look for Jim Rosenthal
Found him on his knees at the wailing wall crying
"Bob Wilson, anchorman"

Well I marvel at the things we find beneath the ground
And that man can go faster than the speed of sound
But I still can't get my head around
Bob Wilson, anchorman

I'm cold and i'm hungry and i'm in dundork
I've got no bus fare, i've gotta walk
It's raining soup and i've got a fork
Where be my camper van?

Well i'd like to meet Stevenson the engineer
And i'd like to meet Faraday and buy him a beer
And i'd love to meet the bloke who had the bright idea of
Bob wilson, anchorman

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