A siren from somewhere floats through the wood of your door--
You break down, you offer a prayer, a prayer to the
Feeling you get that collects like the dust in the corners
It's all around you.

"whose footsteps are these and why do they stop at my door?
A shadow behind me, i swear that i've seen him before"

"leave me alone
I already told you all that i know
Won't you leave me alone
Why did you come here why can't you find your way--"

Home isn't safe but you can't run now that would be suicide
They can't not know, they can't know, you don't know but this isn't right

A moment's conclusion floats through a premise of blood,
Proud and dissonant... here in the
Feeling you get that forgets to give warning before it comes
To the dead and the innocent, in symbols it's:

"whose hands are these and why do they stare in such mad intent?
Why can't i just be that little boy lost in the crowd again?"

"leave me alone
I already did, more than they could have done
Leave me alone
But where did she come from? no-one was supposed to be--"

Home isn't there unless the man who once lived there is still alive
You don't not know, you don't know, all you know is this isn't right.

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