I'd like to tell you how I truly feel
And hopefully it helps us all to heal
I know I've been considered absentee
But there's nothing I love more than being daddy
Do you believe me?
Hope you believe me

There were birthdays that I missed for sure
The schedules being on tour
Life spent in a bag, it's evident
From Philli to Califor-ni-a
Traveling from place to place
All around the world and back again, ohhhh
I'm blowing round just like Chicago winds

I long to see your faces everyday
To watch the school recitals and your plays
Videos and pics well they're okay
But it's not the same, ohhhh it's not the same
It's hard to take
Am I too late?

There were heartbreaks that I could not cure
Wish that I could have been there more
Time costs so much less than money spent
I wish I wasn't so pressed for time
Cause I don't like to say goodbye
From this window seat I'm buckled in
I'm moving fast just like Chicago winds

I hope one day you'll understand and see, see
Singing on stages, this isn't just for me
I want for you to have a better life, better life
And it's my job to make that sacrifice, that sacrifice

So I take a bows and say goodnight
I pray my fans make it home alright
Cause after all, I do this for them too
I just wanna really let you know
You're on my mind and I love you so
I can hardly wait to see you all again
Comin' back on home Chicago winds
Chicago winds

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