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Double Time


One of me is my enemy
The other me is a pretty cool guy
But I haven't seen him around lately
We don't see eye to eye
There's too much noise and too much spit
But I think I've gotten the hang of it
Or at least I thought I did
Until you up and kicked the bucket
(Wait, I mean...oh fuck it)

What do you see on him? What could I say
To convince you not to hop this way?
I've never been too good at the ebb and sway
Much prefer the electrical corrent
The bees are buzzing in my mind
That double crossing and two-timing(get it?)
Prospectors pan shifting through sand
Searching for a golden nugget.

Little brains build little bridges trying to conect
But I'm already on the other side
You'd know a lot about that, right?
I'm twice the man as he is,
I'll work for you double-time
Would that be fine?
Of course it's fine
Primarily I'm primary
Though some may say I'm incomplete
And should be in a jar
Label me "do not eat"

Hope has struck me in the face
And with his ace of clubs he shoved me
Back into the race
Cause second place still wins a trophy
I might have over heated, now remind me how I died,
Was my motherboard, or just my ram
Now I've found a player two in you, I'm glad I fried,
I'm using every second that I can of double time

Double trouble bursting bubbles
Where you go I'll follow
Hollow-eyed and now I'm fine
I'm only making up for lost time
Tick and tock and red and blue
The colours and the sounds I never knew
When they were all I saw
Now sightless-eyed and empty jawes
Double time

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