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Head In The Sand

Hoodoo Gurus

Someone had to tell you,
Might as well it be me.
You've been fooling no-one,
If you only could see.
Do you understand ?
You've got quite a problem,
Lost your job you know why
But you can't admit,
So full of it you might die.
Do you understand ?

Just keep your head in the sand.

Teenage alcoholic
Grew too old to be fun.
Just another loser
Ain't no use to no-one.
You can't understand.
Give yourself excuses,
Just as boozers all do.
Why invent a reason ?
No-one sees it like you
Do you understand?

You've got your head in the sand
(Have another. And another, and another ...)

Everything is hopeless,
Drink to cope - it don't help.
What's it take to make you
Wide awake to yourself ?
Your head's in the - (buried deep below)
Your head's in the - (you don't wanna know)
Your head's in the - (you've got feet of clay)
Your head's in the - (drink your tears away)

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Composição: Dave Faulkner / Rick Grossman · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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