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Port of Saints


An ocean keeps no friends
Just the strictest set of rules
He journeys to its end
Invites a fate reserved for fools
Of battles won and lovers lost

An ocean never keeps a score
His final breath was just the cost
Of finding heaven on its floor

And an ocean doesn’t care
If she laughs or if she cries
As if an ocean knows what’s fair
About what lives in it or dies

An ocean never sheds a tear
For it’s made up of the same
She may live a shell for years
But an ocean never learns a name

A bed is lost at sea
When it’s naked on one side
If you lay not with me
I’ll rest my heart upon the tide

For many nights I dreamed a dream
Sunk into a mistress deep
This world is silent to a scream
Sirens heard only in sleep

And whose version of the facts
Will come to be known as the tale
Of how my love fell through the cracks
Until I sold it for a sail?

What you seek you’ll never find
Answers brought forth from the sea
Not in its heart nor in mine
Shall compassion ever be

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