I've got to make up my mind
What's it gonna be, baby
This indecision will surely pull me down
You know I can't find the strength inside
To walk a straight line, baby
And stop all this fooling around

You tried so hard to put me on my feet again, baby
The night was so long I just couldn't see it through
I guess I'm never gonna know when I've had enough, baby
And I got so much to lose


Oh I'm living on borrowed time
Watching the days go by
Dreaming you still believe
Getting myself higher
Living on borrowed time
Watching the days go by
And thinking of you

I'm only fooling myself
By believing you're coming back again, baby
Every time somebody calls, I think it's you
Ever since you made up your mind
I was nothing but a lost cause baby
There's nothing left for me to lose

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