na na na

The girl on the beach
Is so out of reach
I'm not cool, I'm a fool
She'll never like me

I walk past her in the sand.
I want to hold her hand
When i looked at her
She looked like she wished we were....

Always together
Happy forever
She'd have sex with me
It would be dirty
She wanted my freindship
For more than just this trip
We would have fun
And we'd watch the sun come up.

na na na

The girl on the beach
Wasn't so out of reach
She was cool, I'm a fool
She really liked me.

We hung out
And talked about
How we were ment to be
But we both know she couldnt go
I couldnt stay. It'd be this way....

Never together
It'd seem like forever
When I couldnt see her
I'd with that we were
Only good friends.
We'd talk on the weekend.
But when I'd have to leave
We'd have to say good-bye.


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