Out Of The Theatre Act IV: Three Colours Black


There's a mirror in Front of me
But I don't know the face I see
Too many voices in my head
I searched for peace got war instead
Leave me alone, just leave me be
But there's no chance, no way to flee
Damn cold sweat runs through my neck
Imprisoned by three colours black!

Give me a bullet and a gun in my hand,
Don't feed me your shit, let me die like a man.
You destroyed everything in what I believed,
You took every reason for which I lived.

But now it's enough - I don't care,
Look what you have done - be aware.
For I'm

Black in my mind,
There's no light left that could shine through.
Black in my mind,
Yes, my hate will come down on you.

You played with my heart, made me a fool,
Abused all I gave and I was the tool
You had to sacrifice for your selfish plan.
I hate you. It will never happen again

Now don't be afraid - just look at me,
My moment of vengeance - it's what you will see.
For it's

Black in my heart,
There's no light left that could shine through.
Black in my heart,
Fear my hate, it's coming down on you.

Everything's broken, everything's lost
I'll never again give you my trust.
It cost me dear but I paid the price
I hope you choke on your goddamn lies.

So look at me - yes, we're related,
I am the beast that you've created.
For it's

Black in my soul,
There's no light left that could shine through
Black in my soul,
It's too late, my hate comes down on you

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