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There's a fancy word that peopleuse
So that their cause they don't have to choose
And they can avoid responsability, with destiny
They avoid responsability but don't see


There's no destiny
Take a path and don´t look back

They go through their life not keeping track
Of what they say and how they act
And they blame the future on
They blame the future on powers
Powers they don't see
Like destiny, so
If you live your life negatively
Realize you'll have problems eventually
And when they come on strong, you can't blame them on
Destiny, oh don't you see it's not reality for you or me


There's no destiny
Lose the faith you have in fate
because your future you create

Philosophy of destiny lies within aparthy
Ignoring and forgetting all your
responsabilities'cuz you wont accept
Or take charge of your life, but in
the end you know that causes only
pain and strife
For you and waht you do because
you can't go through these days
Giving all the control away to your
thoughts and your means and your dreams
And your mind and your time you know that is
your own worst crime

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