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Man Of Woe

Inka Inka

I saw a man walking down, his head to his feet
But if he was familywould you pull him off the street
We keep on talking though we're missing the melody
There's one thing keeping us from harmony

But when all is said and done
he's just like you and me
We know waht he knows
The pain of poverty
Even as a young man he watches his family sleep
A man of woe


Man of woe
He's so low, low, low Man of woe
Whith nowhere to go
Man of woe
He's all alone

So dark and lonely, they say when it rains
it pours
It's all about helping, so don't be so quick
to turn
Living in a line that seems to last forever
My thoughts, they are my own they're my own
Some things may never change

You just make me understand
I have a home and a woman
They're a victim of our condition
And it's the same old vison


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