Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Christmastime Seems Years And Years Away

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
In a garden fair
Sat a happy pair
'Neath a shady maple tree
She had promised him
"We'll be married, Jim
To the chimes of Trinity
'Tis the month of May
But next Christmas day
I will be your blushing bride
Don't you worry, dear
It will be soon be here"
But he looked at her and sighed

Christmas chimes mean happy times
For you and me, sweetheart
Winter time means you'll be mine
And never more to part
Honeymoon can't shine too soon
I wish it were today
Girlie mine, don't christmas time
Seem years and years away?

[2nd verse:]
"There is nothing dear
That I have to fear
If I can't afford the ring
Santa Claus is kind
And I'm sure he'll find
Just a plain gold band to bring
It's been just a year
Since I met you, dear
But it seems just like a day
If I only could
Girlie dear, I would
Turn December into May"

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