[1st verse:]
Love will make a fool of any man, it has been said
No one can advise him, for his heart will rule his head
He names the wedding day, just throws himself away
Before the wedding all his friends will come to him and say

[1st refrain:]

Stop! Look! Listen to a friend's advice
Better look before you leap
Or you'll be in water deep
For God's sake don't get married, don't give up your name
Then he'll stop, look, listen to his friend's advice
But he'll go out and marry just the same

[2nd verse:]
Mister Brown, a widower, was handing out advice
To his son who fell in love with someone very nice
He whispered to the lad, "To marry would be bad
I know just what I'm saying, take a tip from your old Dad

[2nd refrain:]
Stop! Look! Listen to a Dad's advice
She's a nice girl, that is true
But she'll never do for you
So tie a can to Cupid, lay him on the shelf"
Then he stopped, looked, listened to his Dad's advice
While his Dad went out and married her himself

[3rd verse:]
There's a railroad on Long Island not so far away
Accidents occur there almost ev'ry other day
The man who owns the line has said, "The fault's not mine
Because at ev'ry railroad crossing you will find this sign

[3rd refrain:]
Stop! Look! Listen! Always safety first"
If there were no such display
You would pass along your way
But they insist you linger by the railroad track
So you stop, look, listen, then you hear a crash
And the next day your fam'ly's dressed in black

[Alternate line:]
But they want you to linger by the railroad track

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