Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Until I Fell In Love With You

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
Come over closer, my dear
Come over here
I've a confession to make
Long before I met you
I have loved quite a few
There have been many sweet girls I cared for
Tho' 'twas all long ago
It's only fair you should know

I loved a lovely girl in London
I loved a peach in Spain
I used to pet a brunette while in gay Paree
I was fond of a blonde while in Germany
While in Japan I met a Geisha
I thought I loved her too
I've loved a diff'rent girl in ev'ry land
I've sampled kisses, dear, of ev'ry brand
But I never really fell in love, dear
Until I fell in love with you

[2nd verse:]
I'm very glad you confessed
Tho' I'd have guessed
You're only human, dear boy
Don't you worry, my dear
There is nothing to fear
Ev'ryone flirts till they meet the right one
It is all in the game
I have been doing the same

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