Foto do artista Irving Berlin

When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
I feel blue, lonesome too
Just because I'm all alone
I confess lonesomeness
Seems to be the only friend I own
No one cares to hear my woes
Friendless like a faded rose
I'm unhappy, goodness knows
When I'm all alone

When I'm alone
I'm lonesome
When I'm alone
I'm blue
Someone kindly listen to my sympathy plea
Ev'ry other girl and brother
Has a pal just like a mother
Whom they can tell their troubles
Whom they can call their own
Won't somebody kindly hear me
Linger near me, come and cheer me
I'm lonesome when alone

[2nd verse:]
One O, O, now you know
That's the number of my phone
Five, six, eight on the gate
Now you know the number of my home
Father tries to make me glad
When he thinks I'm feeling sad
But there's things you can't tell Dad
When you're all alone

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