I met my baby at the bottom of the hill
I said, take me with i love you still
We got all the things we need tonight
We'll scoot uptown and do the bride

Let's elope baby, pa's asleep and ma is too
Let's elope baby ...
The preacher is a-waitin' and my heart is true

Standin' there smootchin' in the cold moonlight
Saw a model "a" with the lights on bright
Thought it was pa, turn me loose
If it had a-been, he had a-cooked his goose

The man in the car said, how about a ride
I'll give you a lift, she'll be your bride
What you say baby, let's go right now
Who gives a hoot what pa don't allow

Well the ford went runnin' and boppin' along
Huggin' my sugar while i humm this song
My folks think we're out on a date
They won't know until it's too late

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