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You're Always Going Too Soon

Jay Matthew

It's been a long time since we hung around together in thestreet
And I miss those days, when the world would wait for us
With our crowd of friends we'd sit along the pavement near yourhouse
'Till the sun came down and we brought the stars out

When I heard it for the first time I could only stand and cry
You were just a boy, we were all so innocent
Oh we never thought this kind of thing would happen in ourlives
But it broke our hearts and we won't forget no

All this time has fallen through me since you've been gone
And I wonder where you are
'Cos you've never let me know
Oh no no…

You're always going too soon
I'm always left on my own

It's OK I understand, sometimes life can hold you down

I can see your face as clearly now, today, as I could then
And it doesn't fade, but the times have changed so much
I would like to tell you all about the things that we have done
And we're doing fine, but I think you know that

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