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Leaving Home


Were you laughed at by your friends
And were you lost for words when everybody finally told you whatthey thought
You can't keep up with the trend
It makes you lose but somehow everybody always makes up in theend
Oh, was it something that I ate
Oh, didn't even touch my plate
Oh, suddenly I'm feeling great
Do you like me now

Leaving home, life was never good to me
Leaving home, I smell the morning air
Leaving home, life was never good
You can work it out we're leaving home

I could hear them through the door
As people came in laughing at the way they acted when they werealone
And an argument can start with nothing more than this
To be the light and leave you standing on your own
Oh, am I doing it again
Oh, I'm a loser now and then
Oh, and I smile at everything
Do you like me now

Hope I like the life I find when I leave everything behind
I hope I'm sure I've made my mind to go and leave home

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