Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything)

Jello Biafra

Punk's been dumbed down to just another form of TV
Marketed to shoppers spoonfed cartoon rebellion like sheep
Flock to worship any old school band
Who cares if they still care or if they're bad
Something new in town who wants to know?
And look at all the whores reunions for wrong reasons
Playing only songs from the good old days
About how bad the good old days were
So why not us? We don't even like this stuff no more
But look at all that retro-racket cash
Those dumb punk kids will buy anything

We'll sue the guy who wrote the songs
So we can sell them into commercials
Steal the name and hit the road trashing all our band stood for
We won't rehearse, sound worse
Dig up some old child star Who never learns the words
Hey, we're back Show us how much you care
The merch booth's right over there

And if our scam works What a bandwagon it will be
Malcolm in the Middle in the Misfits or Mary Kate and Ashley
Gary Coleman in Black Flag Courtney in Nirvana at last
And Emmanuel Lewis back in action singing for the Germs
When will it end? When people see this for what it is
Rock and Roll Swindle Pistols backed a thief
So how bout Kenny Boy Lay In Dead Kennedys
Because those dumb punk kids will buy anything

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