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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late


Say goodnight your song is
The faint refrain we hardly knew
Comes crashing against the drunken
Waters of ths wake
When i hesitiate because all i can
Say is
Too much or too little too late

Farewell you fool
Spare me the punchline please i
Learned it well at sunday school
Way back when all you loved was
The greasepaint not the collection plate
So much for the funnyface because
All i can say is
Too much too little too late

Remember when murder was only
Killing time
And the axe to grind was a bitter
Gulp of strychnine
What happened to the muskateers
Of chesterfields
Tobacco swords behind smokey

Say goodnight (goodnight)
Old song (so long)
You're through (set the needle
Back and hum a tune)
Faint refrain (refrain)
And make room (so soon)
For new (until the hook can
Pull the bridge into view)
But spare me the vague and
Not so clever couplets
The ones i would've loved when
I was you
Because now all i can say is
Too much too little too late
And all i can feel, feels like
The heaviest weight
All i can say is
Too much too little too late

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Composição: Jellyfish / Roger Manning · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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