"Flames, sick of burning, sick of life, see them try to die. Flames were made for burning, baby that's what I have realised."

Woke up after nights of doubting everything I am. Not enough of bigger stuff, I'm doubting it again. Whispering in my brain that there still are years to come. But never have I realised why years have passed and time is going on.

Intensify what is begun. Intensify what others haven't done. Every sun needs a lightening flame, Intensify again. Intensify what's still unknown. Intensify what can't be done alone. Every sky needs a ground below, Intensify, come on and let it go.

I force the strength in me that I'll never rest again. Too much of tears and wasted years, I'm roaming through the land. Walking paths upon my mind I never thought I'd see. All that I do is addicted to a future giving all my dreams to me. I'm flying high.

That's why I want to intensify, (to) start a story one more time. Never saw the reason why not to try, so I intensify.

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