Creeping through a deadly maze of terrifying days. Lurching in your dreams walking unknown ways. Crying blood and tears. Ripping out your fears. Wounds and pain remain as you're lying there.
Morning sunrays blind your eyes.
Who was there right by my side? Telling me how much hurt can be done in one night. And as soon as I'm living on I wonder Dorian, Dorian what have you done?
Stabbing swords an knives, in your skin they dive. Bounded by your dreams you're unable to cry. Flowing in bloodred seas. Scarlet Melodies surround you while you sleep and no one is there to see.
Breaking up the chains you flee. Turn the light on, you must see. How full of hate a night can be. Morning sunrays blind your eyes.
Sleeping in silence somewhere far beyond, knowing that you're not alone. You will return at the end of this day Dorian, to bring yourself pain.

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