A hail of blows, and one of those wipes out a god forsaken name. Cant hear his cries, I cant look into his eyes, my fathers son, my mothers blame...

My darkest hour, scared by my power, this kind of life is a kind of hell. No way to choose, Ill always lose, Im the Assassin I know so well.

I am better, listen to them, they told me when I was young. I am better, listen to them, I want to stay strong.

I am the Assassin, keep me away from the light, cover my pain inside, keep me away from the light, I am my only friend beside.
Blood on my hand, cant understand, what is the power that makes me kill? Im on the run, and I cant escape from what Ive done. Killed by my hand against my will...
No decision, my only mission is to deny my morality. It was meant, from heaven sent: Im the Assassin for all eternity.

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