I was surrounded by pain
I was buried in the darkness all around me
I was content with my chains
Just like a prisoner with no desire to break free
I needed something more
Some reason to believe life wasn't all that hopeless
So I knocked upon that door
To let Him roll away the stone and let the light in

Can't you see there's a change
It's coming on stronger
I can feel it inside
Life is new, now I know
That when I go
I'll be buried alive

Now I'm surrounded by peace
And now I'm living with a love for those in darkness
Cause I know the difference between
That grave I used to call my home and where my heart is


There is a difference inside of me
It's like I'm dead to my sin
Now that salvation has set me free, oh
I can finally live

Can't you see…
I can feel it inside…
Life is new…
I'll be buried alive, I'll be buried alive


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Composição: Andy Gullahorn / Jill Phillips. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.