I'm underneath this billboard with my thumb up sticking in the air
Take me to New York, New York or California I don't car
I just want to leave this god-forsaken place that I come from
I don't care about saving face or keeping in touch with anyone

It seems like this county line
Only ties me down
It's taken me most of my life
To get out of this demon town

I hear them calling from the streets like sirens singing in my mind
But you won't catch me looking back because I'm leaving for the
last time

Seems like this interstate
Just circles back around
But I'm gonna find my way
And get out of this demon town

It's hard enough to turn your back
To pack your bags and go
It's even harder to know you're not the one
That's in control

I see Him coming up the road, he's hitting his brakes and slowing
Just because I asked I got a savior from this demon town

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