following the crowd provides security
cities alienate people
many of the things you want are worthless
if you try...congratualte yourself
surviving can take a lot of energy
everything's an integral of everything else
almost no-one finds their match
strangers don't want to know you
nature always wins
why would you waste it
why do we waste it
why would you waste it
why do we waste it
we all want the same things
you have chosen everything that
happens to you
we are part of the land
people want to look nice
and loneliness is not contagious
violence is passed through generations
crowds create their own power
everyone you meet is a mirror of yourself
things left undone become harder
progress takes time
why would you waste it
why do we waste it
why would you waste it
why do we waste it
experience gives you options
the range of personalities...endless
most weirdos want to be
people are attached to what they can't have
defense mechanisms are inherited
power is passed to those near it
one size fits all...doesn't
western man is too seperated from nature
and people interests should come
before business interests
you can only screw yourself
self esteem is basic to success
and it will be a long time before safe is sex
pain inside shows
only certain types are religious
and many artists...aren't
you can have anything you want
a court of law is designed to intimidate
stay in touch with your inner self
living increases knowledge
'cause living increases knowledge
'cause living increases knowledge
yeah living increases knowledge
yeah they say living increases knowledge (x3)
and when you're dead

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Composição: Anonymous Composer / Che Colovita Lemon / Jimi Haha / Jimmy Chaney / Jimmy McD. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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