for you
patiently hoping
your feelings might change
for me now
guess i'm coping
but at least i'm feeling
don't take it for what you see
'cause it could be worse
explosion to fade out
cut to a girl lying motionless in the sand
wondering what we're about
surround now the sound of wings softly pushing air
i want to know how flying feels
as we run with the seasons, you change
while i'm standing here
waiting for you
all too often we doubt
something so true
it leaves us naked where we stand
i saw your breath make a cloud
raining an ocean of your preciousness in my hand
i think i know how dying feels
and if this is all just a dream
what's one more year
waiting for you
i'm breathing for you
what a price to pay
to want to know how flying feels
you want to know how flying feels
i think i know how dying feels
'cause i'm still
waiting for you
facing that i'm slowly dying here
waiting for you
breathing for you
and that's why i'm slowly dying here
can't you see that's my least of fears

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