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So Much To Lose

Jimmy Cozier

Stepped up out the club and I can't believe my eyes my
watch says 3:55, where did the time go
I promised her and I lied
Supposed I lost my love for a night out on the town
Left her standing in her gown
Where would my answers be when questions come around

Lost track of time hangin with the fellas (oh!)
My jeep broke down had to change the tires (oh!)
My cell was off didn't get your message (oh!)
Or should I just tell her the truth but I can't
Cause she's so much to lose
So much to lose, so much to lose, so much to lose

(Verse 2)
3:59 I drive up to the crib thinking bout the things I did
Unspeakable if she knew she'd surely fit
Here I go again tellin lies to my best friend
Now my love life's on a string
I'd give anything If I could make it right again


If I turn back time I'd be the man she wants me to be
But life just ain't right and if I say I was untrue
She would just walk out on me

(Chorus 3x)

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Composição: Jimmy Cozier / Junod Etienne. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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