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Two Steps

Jimmy Cozier

Ooh, mmmn....
In the beginning it was compliments everyday
You said, when we first started out
I would go out my way
But one day, you claimed I don't appreciate you
And I don't know how to treat you
We don't do the same things we did no more

What I don't really understand is
How could you offend, take that
I would be that take a man, who take control of you like that
Don't you know better than that (than that)
Can't believe your're actin like that (like that)
After all I've did for you you've come to me like that

Chorus x2:
Every time we take one step forward
You take 2 steps back
Everytime it's right you bring left back (oh, oh)
Girl you really oughta think about it
Cuz there's really no doubt about it
You know I've been there for you and that's the truth

Don't understand where you're comin from
cuz love's sacrifice
sometimes I feel like what you did now
don't wanna go with this for life
you claimed I no longer wanna rub you
and I do not wanna touch you
We don't play the little games we did before

Did you ever take the time to think that maybe
I was just going through things
Just because you're a woman you're not the only one
Who's been missing
What about you rubbin on my shoulder
Telling me I love you
You don't do the things you used to do no more

Chorus x2

Remember, it wasn't that long ago
Paris and Monaco
Don't forget last Tuesday night
Making love with candlelight
Remember, how about those many times
Make sure you'd never know
Couldn't let it show a sign
Want you to trust me

Tell me why the hell can't you see
That you're only gonna mess it up
You've done enough, you gotta stop
You're gonna lose what's good for you
That's the last thing you wanna do
There won't be another like me

chorus x4

Hey, that's the truth (in the beginning)
It was all good (everything.... yea..)

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Composição: Harold Lilly / Jimmy Cozier / Nate Butler. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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