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Spring Break

Jimmy Fallon

To Blink182's "All the Small Things"
Spring break, that year
Went out and bought beer
Cashier grabbed me, took my fake ID
Wait a second man
You don't understand
That picture is me with a turban and a tan
My my my my my my my my my my my my name's Mohammad

To Marc Anthony's "I Need To Know"
They say 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'?
Give me a million and I wouldn't care
There's only one place I have to be
And that's at the beach house on MTV
Cancun, Costa Rica baby I don't care
Use my dad's Visa if it get's me there
Tell me Carson Daly 'cause I need to know
How I'm gonna get onto the Spring Break show
I need to know, Spring Break Show

To Santana's "Smooth"
Well it's a hot one
Al Roker says it'll make 101
I got my boombox and my cooler
Filled with taquisa, out by the pool
But you went to the ocean
Locked me out of the room
I need some suntan lotion on my body soon
I look just like a lobster man, my trips ruined
Give me a plane ticket home,
And let's forget about it
Yeah let's forget about it!

To Dave Matthew's Band's "So Much to Say"
My head is hurt and I'm just wakin' up
And I am shaking,
'Cause I just threw up
Yeah yeah yeah, drank to much
Drank all 35 flavors of Jello shots
Smoked somebody's pot
Then I did a kegstand for a long long time
Made out with a stranger for a long long time
This is what Spring Break is all about
Ah little baby!

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