Man, I know it has to be good
Moving apart to the woods
Dance words endangered design
Hand moving hit the world twice
Hands, out in this magesty light
Plans, Over then into tthe light

His whole world she does intoxicate
His own hand lie farther in decay
We're meant to be uplayed (3X)

Bands, down the hall
Don't know they're small
Im picking out the day
When I will be upstaged
Im picking out the day
Picking out the day

Bands, large and small
Short and tall
Fall out to their final day (4X)

Lines, too hard to recall
Sing into the wall

When, I get the room I will play
When, they laugh like it is the shame
Friends don't tend to use (4X)

Plans, which have already been made
Advance, 'twards the day after their day
They're making plans for you (4X)

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