A dove is a glove
That I wear in my heart
Know l like to dress smart
It doesn't have any part of the world of fashion
I turn my cash in to a man who found his street
I'll think he is the meat

That I ate to escape from a peanut cake
I hold my pace for the Paris and die
Because the part of the pie
That we just stand in here
Today put in your face
Here all over my tears
That keep my angry
Whoo, whoo

Cuz you keep them around
I wish I could
Fork for my fiction too much
Will me to burn? Understand them all
What I mean is this boy again I can't play
And I fell that today scare me away
And that song there is
I was throwing back to the world

It's as real as took off
Laving nothing outside my window
What do I have to show
To a world that the only way to destroy
Is to die like a baby boy
I could be a
I could be happy in infinity
Of the space in my eyes lid

But I know I'm somewhere else
Where the worlds on the page
Would be the scribbling nonsense they are
And you would be real
I'll eat my last meal

Wish you I could feel
But I don't know where I am
Wish you I could feel
But I don't know where I am
Wish you I could feel
But now I don't even know
Where I am
Feel the shadow man

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