hey uh (man)?
i'm feeling, head up town
yeah you saw, uh, (some of the things/something to think) up town
I think I'll, I think I'll hit town
you f---face,
get out of my town
i don't (really want to know what the f--- you wanted)??
(you've been, you've been a big f---head, you)?
go on, f--- you, buddy
hey, is that where to go man
what's going on tonight
you know, i think i'll split
alright, catch you later
what (do i need to do)??
(to get you out of my town, don't you get it)??
you f---head, you
I want you to
get out of my face
go on you f---head, you
you goin up town man
yeah, i think i'm, i'm gonna head up there
so i'll catch you (later), in about an hour or something
alright, see you later
you f---head
get the f--- out of my town
get out of my town
(I don't want to know what you want)???
(I don't care if you don't like it)???
pffft, this is totally beat man, gotta get out of here
(heading/going) out of town
there ain't nothin' going on this time
(sigh), guess I'll run, blues.

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