I'm praying for his soul lord (prayin)
You was my road dog, and truly one of the reasons that it was so hard
(it's a strain on me)
You held me down when i had nothing but dust
To see you stuck in the same things is leaving me crushed

In my mind, throughout time, i drew a line wit you
'cause our hearts have grown apart but please let me surmise wit ya (please!)
I pray these rhymes hit ya, cause we did everything from suffer to grind
I remembered flipping through my mind's pictures (remember?)

But now its different, i can't hurt but be fake
I see you and see through to hurt on your face (spit clear)
I wake - i been in that place where you feeling your heart's a void
You look at your life and your feeling more dark than joy

But you won't see it till you see that your ya' own threat
You play the cards your dealt but dealing from the wrong deck
So i wrote this to say i love you and all
But my deepest desire is to see you come to the lord

I love you i do! love you enough to tell you the truth
Couldn't, say it in person, hope its felt from the booth
With every heartbeat your still a part of me
I pray that you turn today with (incomprehensible) the lord and me

I know it's hard to see, but god he wants to heal you life
Right now you only breath, god he wants to heal you life
But you won't find it if you trustin' in things,
Trust me, you'll only find it if you trust in the king

Mama, besides my wife you're the closest person to me,
Though i lack to express this
Yes i regret it, cause you should know your highly respected
I love you deeply, and if i had to give you a life description
You're a realist, and a strong woman despite your addiction

I see my need for your forgiveness the more i embrace the book
Cause i didn't paint the whole picture in this song come take a look (i'm sorry)
In fact it was my selfishness and desire for things
That made me resent you and not truly see you as a queen (you are)

And i apologize with feelings too sincere to describe
I pray you're hearing my cries, i write with tears in my eyes
For the past years i've cried, the hardest thing in my life
Is to give the gospel to my mother, see you surrender to christ

Throughout your life you been through a lot that were heartache and pain
You lost a daughter in the game ma, its time for a change
It's plan i wrote this to say i love you and all
But my deepest desire is to see you come to the lord

I write to you both, because i know we rarely had a time to talk
And when we do its hard to say to you what's truly on my heart
I felt pressed by the lord with a need to address it
Plus if i love you how can i not share with you the gospel message?

It's deeper than you being my mother, bigger than you being my fam
We're talking god, creator of the seas and the land
Man has a problem with him 'cause of our sin
We can't change on our own 'cause we're in love with our sin

But, god sent his son to live the perfect life we couldn't live
Jesus christ gave the sacrifice we couldn't give
His arms are open to show you what life's meaning is
There's none righteous, that's why we in need of his

What's grieving is you don't truly see that he's the treasure
You put your hope in things, they won't bring eternal pleasure (why?)
God loves you i hope you hearing the call
Cause my deepest desire is to see you come to the lord

I love you i do (echo out)

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