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Making Me Over (feat. Pastor AD3 and Tedashii)


[Hook - Pastor AD3]
Look who I’ve become
No I’m not who I used to be
That man that you used to see
Is through with me, I’m not the same one
Flashy cars and jewelry
No longer are they movin’ me, can’t you see
He’s making me over ... over ... over ... over
He’s making me over ... over
And I’m not who I used to be
Get used to me
He’s making me over

[Verse 1 - Json]
I'm definitely not who I was but know I’m not who I will be
But I’m becomin’ becomin’ someone who he’s making me daily, just watch and you’ll see
Get used to me ‘cause the man you knew ain’t no more and the man who he is will soon be
Newly defined, renewed in the mind, attached to the vine as he pruned me
Yes, he’s making me over; yes, my whole heart man he took that
And I’m so far gone, my mind has been blown so just say my weight has been pushed back back
I’m not settlin’; back track, I’m not pedalin’
That fact will be evident as I’m cracked cracked like a skeleton skeleton
Yeah, so the grippin’ the dime, swishin’ the pine to blow
Livin’ to shine, remember them times but know that’s now how I’m defined no more
I’m blind no more, it’s time to grow, I’m flyin’ for sho’, they lookin’ like how?
He used to be wild and foul, he made me his child and wow, you just take a look at me now


[Verse 2 - Json]
So let us just say he is the potter and I am the clay
My heart is not flesh, it’s mushy, wet, and yes it’s perfect for him to reshape
I’m just pottery, dirt from the earth, just a vessel, cursed, deserving of death yo
Was certainly a wretch, was left to confess because I’ve been purchased and blessed though
Now I’m livin’ to die, let’s say that I’m dying to live
I’m tryin’ to give him all, not just part of me also see clearly that I am now his
I am now his, you can keep watchin’ me transform and there’s a truth I will stand on
And stand strong, the potter will perfectly mold what he gets his hands on
And his hands [are] on me, so look at the potter, don’t look at the pot
Look at the builder, don’t look at the house; look at the shepherd, don’t look at the flock
I belong to my God now and I’m ready to fly now, and they lookin’ like how?
I used to be wild and foul, he made me his child and wow, you just take a look at me now


[Verse 3 - Tedashii]
My heart’s been changed urgency, it’s been replaced no surgery
I’m not the same, different me, ring the alarm emergency
Been a long time comin’, but a change done finally came
Ain’t that good news, Sam Cook, I trusted in that name
Everyday, same old war; feel your pain, say no more
The lie’s disguised alive fo sho’ but today’s that day that I say no more
They can keep comin’ back but destroy me? Never ... hate all they want, only makes me better
Trust in him with all of my endeavors, I ain’t lookin’ back, man it’s whatever
Fancy chains - keep ‘em, they leave me locked and beaten
Bruised up feeling used up but I’m fueled up
Runnin’ on the power found in Jesus and the promise that I seek
Who I am now imago dei, if I’m livin’ then I’m livin’ by the words he say
Runnin’ for his name till I ain’t got nothin’ left
Sound weird how I live in him, call it dubstep


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