I'll play guitar to make the rent
And you can make our family three
I might not make a million dollars
But a million dollars won't make me
I'm lookin' out on the stars tonight
Thinkin' about this human zoo
There's poor old Leo watchin' the cars roll by
Screamin' up at who knows who
Believe in you
And I'll believe in me

Desperate men divided
In these glorious fields of green
We all pray to heaven
To help us mend this broken machine
There's too much talk about the clouds of gray
When there's a great big sky of blue
I turn of the tv, and look in your eyes
And I know that I've found something true
Just believe in you
And I'll believe in me

This is the age of the icons made of sand
From the rock and roll star, to the local preacher man
From the baseball player, to the politician with his plans
Well darlin' just believe in you
And I'll believe in you, too

Now someone's gonna sue for harassment
Someone gonna sue 'cause they can't forget
Someone gonna sue poor old Philip J. Morris
For selling 'em one too many cigarettes
And Philip Morris, well he'll probably sue me
For puttin' his name in this song
And all across America
We try and teach our children how to get along
Believe in you
And I'll believe in me

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