Fifteen thousand times a day
I hear a voice within me say
Hide yourself behind the screen
You shouldn't be heard, you shouldn't be seen
You're just an awful in between

That's what I am and in between
It's just like small pox quarantine
I can't do this, I can't go there
I'm just a circle in a square
I don't fit in anywhere

I"m past the stage of doll and carriage
I'm not the age to think of marriage
I'm too old for toys and I'm too young for boys
I'm just an in between

I'm not a child and children bore me
I'm not grown up, grown ups ignore me
And in every sense I'm just on a fence
I'm just an in between

I'll be glad when momma let's me go to dances
And have romances
I'll be glad to have a party dress that boys will adore
A dress that touches the floor

I'm sick and tired of bedtime stories
I'm so inspired by love and glories
But I guess it's no use, I still get mother goose
I'm just an in between

I'm allow to go to pictures shows
That is if nurse is feeling able
But we only go to Mickey Mouse
I'm not allowed Clarke Gable

It's such an imposition
For a girl who's got ambition
To be an in between

My dad says I should bother more
About my lack of grammar
Huh, the only thing that bothers me
Is my lack of glamor

Why if I could use a lipstick and a powder puff
Who knows I might be Garbo in the rough
Instead of in between

I'll be glad when uncle Jim can't call me precious child
That simply drives me wild
I'll be glad to have a date that doesn't grow on a trees
A date that's not history

I'll be so glad when I have grown some
All by myself, I get so lonesome
And I hope and pray for the day when I'll be sweet sixteen
Then I won't have to be an in between

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